Urgent Prosperity Magnet Is Created For You To Help You Attract Wealth And Money By Getting Your Subconscious Mind To Vibrate At The “Wealth Frequency”.

Urgent Prosperity Magnet

Urgent Prosperity Magnet Is An Effective And Quick Way To Attract Wealth Using The Vibration Activation Method. It Focuses On The Subconscious To Help You Fulfill Your Dreams And Provides Followers With A Link To Create The Law Of Attraction That Works For Them.

  • It will equip you with knowledge of how to train the brain to have positive subliminal thoughts.
  • It helps you discover the best things to vibrate and the right frequency to allow the law of attraction to work.
  • It helps you understand what ancient kings and powerful rulers used to immerse enough wealth and create powerful kingdoms.
  • It provides you with the correct information to make you attract money and notice the difference.
  • It helps you control any negativity within the subconscious mind.
  • The program works for everyone regardless of income level.

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“I’ve never made more than $35,000 a year before in my life. I didn't bother graduating from high school. Hell, I don't even usually read books. But using the Urgent Prosperity Magnet was a breeze! It requires virtually no effort and I went from living in a single-wide trailer to living in a 5,000-square-foot log home nestled in the mountains outside of Nashville. This is a no-brainer for anybody that comes across this incredible program!"

Bob S Urgent Prosperity Magnet happy customer

Bob S.

Nashville, TN

“I never used to believe in the Law of Attraction stuff. I always thought it was woo-woo garbage. But when I stumbled across the Urgent Prosperity Magnet, it just made sense to me. And man am I glad I gave it a shot! Driving my new Escalade past my old job at Costco never gets old! I’m finally living a life of comfort instead of struggling to survive every day. Best choice I’ve ever made!”

george Urgent Prosperity Magnet customer

Sammy B. 

Lincoln, NE

What Is Urgent Prosperity Magnet?

Urgent Prosperity Magnet is a programming book with a unique specialty in manifesting wealth in your life. It guides your conscious mental programming and provides detailed information on manifesting more wealth in your life.

By reading this book, your mind becomes free, and it does much work on your body, creates vibration activation in you, and gives you more happiness in your life.

The book's primary purpose is to attract wealth and make you gain wealth in your life. It helps to keep your subconscious mind more active and you better than before and helps to earn more money.

It covers the universal power in your mind and helps you gain more knowledge on cash, and it needs into your subconscious mind.

This book includes a compact disk(CD) that gives you a manual guide on your food exercise that keeps your brain more active and improves your mental health to attract money.

This book guides vibrating frequencies and seven eternal laws of wealth and attracts wealth to your site.

This Urgent Prosperity Magnet is a programming book that helps make you more prosperous and has a wealthy lifestyle.

It consists of highly effective guides on prosperity into your subconscious mind with vibrating frequency. 

How does The Urgent Prosperity Magnet Work?

Urgent Prosperity Magnet uses vibration activation to attract wealth to your life. This unique method helps you attain the life you ever wished to live. Program followers must incorporate the methods outlined in the program to get instant results.

The guide helps you grasp how the flow of money and abundance works for you. The program's outlined methods will enable you to reap more money and immerse enough wealth through the law of attraction. It triggers the frequency of vibrations in the brain that leads to wealth and money attraction.

The program utilizes the law of attraction to work. Most ancient kings and successful rulers used this program to enable them to build powerful kingdoms and massive fortunes. The program states that everything in the universe has a unique vibration. Therefore, it trains the brain to vibrate at the right frequency to attract money.
The program focuses on subconscious thoughts to help you find the right vibration and frequency. It also takes control of your conscious thoughts to show you that you must train the mind to think in the right subconscious line.

It turns the law of attraction into reality and makes it a money magnet that the wealthiest individuals rely on. The program concentrates on living a luxurious life that one could dream of and eliminates any negative energies and subconscious thoughts existing in the brain since childhood.

By fixing all these problems, the program enables the brain to vibrate at the right frequency needed by the law of attraction to work. Users must aim to install new information and replace any negative energy in the subconscious mind.

What Can You Expect From The Urgent Prosperity Magnet?

  • It will equip you with how to train the brain to have positive subliminal thoughts.
  • It helps you discover the best things to vibrate and the right frequency to allow the law of attraction to work.
  • It helps you understand what ancient kings and powerful rulers used to immerse enough wealth and create powerful kingdoms.
  • It provides you with the correct information to attract money and notice the difference.
  • It helps you control any negativity within the subconscious mind.
  • The program works for everyone regardless of income level.

What You’ll Get With Urgent Prosperity Magnet Program.

The Urgent Prosperity Magnet is a comprehensive program that helps you unlock positive thoughts to help you increase your wealth. The program also includes bonus books that give you information on unlocking wealth. These bonus books also give you the “exact “brain exercises” needed to get your brain into the shape needed to vibrate properly”, the website reads.
The bonus books included in the Urgent Prosperity Magnet manual include:

The Wealth Activator 

The Wealth Activator is a digital book that introduces the user to beliefs about money in her subconscious. The author reasons you can attract or dispel money depending on your perception. Individuals that associate it with the good can easily attract it. However, people who view money as evil or dirty cannot acquire it.

The Wealth Activator tunes the subconscious to the money-attracting frequencies. The book also trains the brain to vibrate automatically to the correct energies.

The 7 Eternal Laws of Wealth

The book reveals the fundamental laws that support money and wealth manifestation. The seven laws train the subconscious to attract energies that support wealth creation. 

21 Actions to Instant Wealth

It is a quick start guide that can help you understand the Urgent Prosperity Program. It puts the user on the correct path to ensure you use the wealth attraction program correctly. 

Gamma Audio Attraction System

The entire Urgent Prosperity Magnet Program is built on the binaural beats. It rewires the brain to vibrate at the correct frequencies.

Stress-Beating Binaural Beats include certain sounds that can melt stress and anxiety. The beats may improve moods, cognition, and sleep quality. 

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Urgent-Prosperity-Magnet-bonus-1-21 Actions to Instant Wealth

Bonus #1.21 Actions to Instant Wealth

Are you ready to take action and start making money right away? If so, this QuickStart guide is the perfect place to start. It is designed with one goal in mind – helping you become more financially empowered to secure a brighter future. The guide will help you identify key areas where you can make immediate improvements that will impact your finances long-term. You'll be advised on how best to save and invest your money, as well as tips for reducing debt, budgeting, and planning for retirement. The guide also includes practical steps for setting goals and taking action today that can put you on track for achieving financial freedom in the future. 

Urgent-Prosperity-Magnet-bonus-2-Stress-beating binaural beats

Bonus #2: Stress-Beating Binaural Beats

This disc includes a specific binaural beat that can help to reduce stress. Binaural beats are audio sound frequencies used for centuries by many cultures to treat mental, physical, and spiritual ailments. The beats act on the brain like meditation, helping to focus attention away from external stressors and towards relaxation. It is created with tones at slightly different frequencies played in each ear, creating a captivating rhythm that encourages relaxation, ultimately reducing tension and anxiety. Anyone looking for relief from everyday stressors can use these sound frequencies.

Benefits of the Urgent Prosperity Magnet Program

The Urgent Prosperity Magnet has some unique techniques to gain more wealth in your life. This book helps you gain more knowledge on the universal power of your subconscious mind. The following methods that make your wealth are as follows:

  • It may eliminate bad energies hindering you from achieving wealth
  • It can augment your finances, thus eliminating anxiety, stress, and worries associated with a lack of money
  • It may increase your moods and overall brain health
  • It can help you perceive the world differently hence allowing you to enjoy the luxuries of life
  • It may make your life more purposeful
  • It may augment your health
  • It may help you attract the correct people, including spouses
  • The Urgent Prosperity Magnet may help you maintain long-term financial stability
  • It teaches the users how to deal with financial issues, including debts
Urgent Prosperity Magnet Money Back Guarantee

365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can use Urgent Prosperity Magnet for a whole 365 days and use your right to ask for a refund anytime during this period. If you’re unsatisfied with the results in any way, let us know and claim your money back!

Consider this a 12-month test run. If you don’t like it - get your investment back! Order now to secure your 365 Day Money Back Guarantee with Urgent Prosperity Magnet.

How Much Do Urgent Prosperity Magnet Cost and Where to Buy?

The Urgent Prosperity Magnet gives detailed information on the wealth and health maintained in your life that helps to make you rich.

These books are cheaper to buy, and the cost estimate is affordable. These programming books are money worthy and help you gain money in your life-changing.

The cost of the book is $39, which is easy to use and easy to understand. By getting these book, you will get a bonus of two books that makes wealth easy in your life.

If you get these two bonus books anywhere, it costs $88 overall to buy the product, but here it is free of cost with the Urgent Prosperity Magnet. 

Questions from the Community ( FAQ):

Vee Winter is a self-made US-based millionaire and the developer of the Urgent Prosperity Magnet. He discovered the program when his life was at its lowest due to the loss of his mother and friends. After a drinking spree, he traveled to Las Vegas to end his life. Robert Rosa introduced him to the Wealth Attraction Program, which teaches that wealth, money, and abundance can be attracted to specific frequencies or vibrations. Unfortunately, the law of attraction is dead in modern society, leading people to work hard to escape financial crises.

Although every person is different – some students have experienced powerful results almost instantly, with some others reporting results in months and even weeks too – the timeframe can vary. However, what they all have in common, is resilience, belief and determination to make it a change. When the intention is truly set, when time is invested to be consistent, the skys the limit.

You are a powerful manifestor and you already possess the superpowers needed to manifest the life you want. Just remember that you have the choice to create results, the question is, when will you start?

NO-This is a digital product that you will be able to view from our member’s area or download to your computer... This allows us to keep our costs down and charge you far less, PLUS you can get access to IT NOW!!!

Incredibly so. We have the same level of security as you would find at your bank. Our processor is the most trusted online processor for over 10 years with millions of transactions.

If you've got any more questions, you can email our support at :

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If you're ready to take control of your financial situation, then Urgent Prosperity Magnet is the perfect tool for you. This manifestation program works to help you in reducing restrictions that prevent you from living an extravagant lifestyle. Urgent Prosperity Magnet promises users the ability to manifest their desired lifestyles through practical and actionable steps. In turn, users can expect an increase in personal wealth and a reduction in financial stress. Moreover, the program has achieved a user rating of 5 stars due to its effectiveness and ease of use. Whether your biggest dreams are just around the corner or still far away, this program can help you get there faster than ever! 

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